Predix Platform Sign-up Tips 

Welcome to Predix, the Industrial Internet of Machines platform. We connect things that run the world, like hospital healthcare equipment, locomotives, nuclear power plants, gas turbines, subsea drilling equipment, intelligent street lights, and aircraft engines for both fighter and commercial aircraft.

Building applications with industrial data requires a heightened level of security, so we ask for your patience as we screen all requests. In order to minimize the time to get your free Predix trial, please follow the steps below carefully. Our goal is for you to provision your account in 24-48 hours; however, provisioning can take up to four days.

If you do not receive account confirmation within four days, please email and note that you are part of the Intelligent World Hackathon.

If your account request is rejected, and you receive a re-register email, please review the steps below carefully and resubmit your request.  

To get started building your application with industrial data that can change the world:

  1. Sign up at Please double-check the spelling of your name and address, as this can cause delays!
  2. To help speed up the process, please include your phone number at the bottom of the first registration page. 
  3. For U.S. participants: if using a personal email, please enter a personal address/geographic location.
  4. For U.S. participants: if using a corporate/education/government email, enter the corporate/education/government address/geographic location AND company/government/education name.
  5. For non-U.S. participants: please enter a corporate email, physical address, phone, AND company name.
  6. For non-U.S. participants without a corporate email and address: you must enter your phone number.
  7. Review this site for answers to general availability questions: