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What is the Predix Platform?

The Predix platform is built for the industrial internet of things (IIoT). With the Predix platform, GE combines cutting-edge technology and decades of industry experience into a platform that securely ingests machine-grade data at scale and analyzes it to deliver outcomes—fast. Finally, you can tap into the data that has always been at your fingertips and apply it to build smarter businesses and cities.

GE is looking to the global developer community to use machine data combined with the Predix platform’s cloud tools to discover new insights that can help solve large-scale energy, health, and environmental issues. Through the Intelligent World Hackathon, you will be one of the first developers to leverage Predix’s IIoT data and engineering resources.


The Basics & Getting Started

Remember, to be eligible for prizes, submissions must use:

  • at least two (2) Intelligent Environment services from EITHER the Enterprise (indoor) OR Cities (outdoor) options listed on the Predix IO catalog;


  • at least one (1) additional GE Predix service from any service category on the Predix IO catalog.

To access the Predix IO catalog you’ll need to sign up for your Predix Free Trial. By default, Predix trials are for 60 days. To extend your trial until September 9 please fill out this extension form.


Bonus Challenge: Pitney Bowes Integration Award
If you’re interested in competing for the Bonus Challenge: Pitney Bowes Integration award, you’ll need to be sure to integrate one or more of the Location Intelligence APIs from Pitney Bowes (located at or integrate the Pitney Bowes service on the Predix catalog. To get started, sign up for a free trial and try out the APIs.

A quick guide on using Pitney Bowes API in the Predix platform is given here.­­­ Another quick guide on integrating Pitney Bowes API with your app is given at – How to make your first API Call

Look how winning teams from the GE Internet of Things Hackathons have used Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence APIs: Ciklum -defibrillator app, Scriptr -GoGoKart

Remember, competing for this award is optional and will not affect your overall score for other awards.

Please note that to be eligible for the Grand Prize, submissions must include one or more of the Intelligent Environment Cities services: Traffic Planning, Parking Planning, Pedestrian Planning, or Public Safety. 


Predix Platform Tutorials, Documentation, and Support

We get it: learning a new platform can be overwhelming. That’s why the engineers at GE have put together a host of resources to help you get familiar with the Predix platform. We’d encourage you to review:

  • Getting started on the Predix platform
  • The Developer Portal
  • Predix documentation and training
    • Predix Intelligent Environment API Quickstart Video Demo - This video demonstrates a complete walk through the steps involved to successfully call the Predix Intelligent Environment API’s. It starts from creating an Intelligent Environment service on to an actual API call (with necessary headers). This process is covered in the API documentation, but the video focuses on the key steps one should not miss to successfully call the Predix Intelligent Environment APIs.

    • Do you have questions about the Predix platform? Do you like videos? You might want to check out the Predix Developers Series on YouTube! This seven-part series includes demos, interviews, and more to help you get a handle on Predix quickly and easily.
    • Predix Fundamentals Training This online training teaches the basic fundamentals of Predix (including Cloud Foundry, language, etc). Additional resources for more specific tutorials are listed below and on the resources page at

    • Developer Environment - This online tutorial will teach you how to launch a Predix-enabled development environment to streamline your development effort. Learn how to set up your environment with the right developer tools to build industrial internet applications.
    • Understanding Predix: “Hello World” - This online tutorial discusses the basic services and offerings of the Predix platform.
    • Exploring Security – This online tutorial discusses how to secure your application using the Predix User Account and Authentication service and Access Control Service.
    • Reference App Training – This online tutorial explains how to build a basic app using the Predix services.
    • Interactive Demo – This online video explains how to visualize time-series data from an industrial object in an application running on the Predix platform.
  • Get technical help on the Predix Developer Forum. You can track your questions by adding “intelligentworld” as your topic tag.


NEW! Quick Start Links


NEW! Examples (These URIs will only work once you subscribe to the services from Predix.IO/Catalog and setup UAA for authentication and authorization.)


NEW! Sample App: Traffic Seed App

And for those interested in the how’s, why’s, and capabilities of the Predix platform, we’ll also arm you with:


Additional Resources

As long as you’re adhering to any licensing restrictions, you’re welcome to use APIs, SDKs, and data from outside the Predix platform in your application. To get you started, we’ve gathered a sample list of 33 civic data portals where you can access static datasets relating to issues ranging from traffic accidents to urban development to crime statistics. Again, you can include additional data if you like.


Optional API: BreezoMeter

BreezoMeter delivers dynamic, real-time, and up to the street level air quality data in 7,000 cities to help smart cities and businesses to make informed decisions about well-being. The company's air quality API provides real-time pollution levels, including a heat map, health recommendations, and more.


Optional tool: Particle IoT dev kits for connected devices

Particle's Photon (Wi-Fi) and Electron (Cellular 2G/3G) hardware development kits make it easy to create powerful IoT sensors and products. They come with online and offline IDEs; the Particle Cloud for REST API access to over-the-air software updates, variables, events, and functions; and the Particle Dashboard for device management. You can use code "predixhack" for a 10% discount on all hardware purchases from

Have a question?

We’re here to help, and we welcome your questions. Please send us a note via the Intelligent World Hackathon Discussion Board, or email