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over 7 years ago

Awesome partner tools for your Predix hack

We’re lucky to have excellent partners for the Intelligent World hackathon — including a few who are offering their software and hardware tools as additional, optional resources during the hackathon.

Pitney Bowes API & new $5,000 bonus award

The Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence APIs allow you to incorporate geodata into applications, business processes, and workflows. Submissions that meet all the regular requirements and also use one or more of the Location Intellignece APIs or the Pitney Bowes service on will be eligible for the $5,000 Pitney Bowes Integration Bonus Challenge award. To get signed up, go to

Particle IoT dev kits for connected devices

Particle's Photon (Wi-Fi) and Electron (Cellular 2G/3G) hardware development kits make it easy to create powerful IoT sensors and products. They come with online and offline IDEs; the Particle Cloud for REST API access to over-the-air software updates, variables, events, and functions; and the Particle Dashboard for device management. You can use code "predixhack" for a 10% discount on all hardware purchases from (For more on how to connect sensors to Predix, check out this thread from our discussion forum.)

BreezoMeter API

BreezoMeter delivers dynamic, real-time, and up to the street level air quality data in 7,000 cities to help smart cities and businesses to make informed decisions about well-being. The company's air quality API provides real-time pollution levels, including a heat map, health recommendations, and more.


We're here to help. If you have any questions about the hackathon, post on the discussion forum or email and we'll respond as soon as we can.