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about 7 years ago

New Predix code samples & API overview

With a month to go, we want to make sure you have all the resources you need to build your smart city data app.

We’ve added new items to the resources page, including detailed overviews of the Intelligent Environment Cities and Enterprises APIs, code samples, and a sample traffic app.

We’d recommend using these new resources, along with our Predix platform webinar demo (start at minute 21) for a step-by-step intro on how to get started with the Predix platform tools.

Not seeing what you need? Reach out to us at, on the hackathon discussion forum, or on the hackathon-only Slack channel. For technical questions, head to the Predix Developer Forum and tag your question with “intelligentworld.”

Quick Start Links

Quick Start with Intelligent Environment Services  - overview of the city and enterprise APIs

Bounding Box and Range/Frequency

Generate Client ID and Tokens

Code Samples (These URLs will only work once you subscribe to the services from Predix.IO/Catalog and setup UAA for authentication and authorization.)

Go back to Starter Kit to use websocket URI

Search for Parking Location

Search for Nodes that Detect Parking

Historical Events Postman to get websocket URI (Real-Time Events)

Use postman to download images and video (Historical)

Use postman to download images and video (Download)

Sample App: Traffic Seed App

Current by GE Predix:

Traffic Seed App URL:

Username: cities

Password: cities